1. To improve the agriculture livestock fisheries through regenerative agricultural method.
  2. Knowledge and practice of safe health, hygiene and behavior change communication (BCC) among the Child, Mother and group members providing Health program.
  3. To arrange safe water and sanitary latrine.
  4. To take necessary steps to ensure Non formal education for audit and the most disadvantaged children.
  5. To arrange program on plantation through the development of nursery to protect the environmental balance and to motivate every individuals.
  6. To raise awareness on health and safe water, sanitation, STD/HID/AIDS through different media.
  7. To increase the capacity level of leadership management and professional skills among the group members.
  8. To become self-reliant the helpless poor village women through small and cottage industries.
  9. To assist the disable people in every possible way.
  10. To help unemployed male and female youths in the capacity development through vocational training (Sewing Training, Computer Training)
  11. To coordinate and cooperate with other governmental and non-governmental service oriented organizations.
  12. To develop savings habits among all classes of people and utilize during financial hardship
  13. To encourage the women in the activities of poultry and dairy.
  14. To take necessary steps towards development of the environment.
  15. To organize social movement against dowry culture.
  16. To publish Newspaper and Magazine for the development of the organization and establishment of library for acquire knowledge.